Saturday June 25th, 2016

Bellevue, WA – Mid 80s. Clear sky. The summer BBQ Social took place under the great Seattle summer weather on June 27 with the Mentees and Mentors gathered from the 2016 Mentorship Program.
Led by Operations Committee Chair, Ms Cynthia So, and Senior Marketing Lead Ms Zeta Chik, they gathered business owners, professionals and students over a Hong Kong styled BBQ. The group chatted about topics between Hong Kong, the global economy, career to travel experiences.
To some, this was not their first time in a Mentorship Program. But they found out how unique Hong Kong – Greater China Business Association of Washington (HKBAW)’s program once they got on board. “The (HKBAW Mentorship) BBQ was a welcoming and intimate gathering held over delicious food and stimulating conversation. The mentors really fueled the conversations with their wide knowledge of industry-based current events, and international experience… The engaging conversations was definitely the highlight of this BBQ!” said Stephanie Dao, of 2016 HKBAW Spring Mentorship Mentee.
Now in its 10th run, the HKBAW have held at least one Mentorship Program in each of the last 7 years. This Mentorship program have worked with over 100 mentors, and benefitting over 150 mentees. This professional development opportunity is part of HKBAW’s initiative and focus on working with the young professionals in the Greater Seattle area. The next Mentorship program will begin in Winter 2016.

Want to join this Elite Program, and experience for yourself? Or work behind the scenes?

Recap by Homing Tam
Recap: A Hong Kong styled BBQ experience in Seattle! (Mentorship Program)
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