A Resume Workshop was hosted by Hong Kong – Greater China Business Association of Washington (HKBAW) on May 26 at University Washington Seattle campus. The purpose of the workshop was to create a platform to help students critique and polish their resume with the professional advice of recruiters, as they prepare for their first steps out in the business society. The workshop highlighted three panelists, Mr. Andy Yip, Ms. Kelly Chiou, and Ms. Cynthia So, who presented and they are from financial institutions and import/export companies that are supporters of HKBAW. Mr. Yip is the VP of Business at HKBAW and owner of Import/Export Company. Ms. Chiou is the VP/Deputy Head of Greater Seattle Business Center of ICBC USA. Ms. So is the Branch Service Manager from HSBC Bank USA. All three panelists are seasoned professionals in the community, with many experience in recruiting and reviewing resumes.

The workshop included presentations, question and answer sections, and all panelists were able to break into small groups and to spend one-on-one time with the resumes from each student in order to give the best and most accurate critique. The workshop also included a video film from the founder of MyUnfold, Mr. Mark Monroe which highlighted key general guidance and suggestions for approaching the resume process.

HKBAW recognizes the importance of empowering its student members and young professionals to confidently approach business opportunities by pooling the organization’s resources in order to best prepare them for their future careers and ambitions.

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Recap by: Zeta Chik

Edited by: Abby Huang

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Recap: Resume Workshop