Hong Kong Business Association of Washington (HKBAW) headed to New York to further its collaboration effort with key partners. On 12 JUL, Homing Tam, VP of Global Affairs – HKBAW, traveled to New York and visited two key organizations that resulted in new agreements and partnerships.
1. Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)
Homing met with the top HKTDC official in US, Mr Ralph Chow, Regional Director – Americas of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) along with Anthony Mak, Director, New York at HKTDC. Key discussion include: Handover of HKG to China, Belt and Road Initiative in Hong Kong and China, as well as positioning of Hong Kong for business platform to China.
2. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) partnership with HKBAW
Homing Tam met with Ms Linda Ho, Marketing Manager of Hong Kong Tourism Board and discussed current travel trends and latest happenings in Hong Kong. Ms Ho and Mr Tam are currently working on travel packages with the help of one of their current partner, Regal Hotels International. This initiatve aims to promote Hong Kong, and offer travel packages that enhance travelers’ experiences once they have arrived in Hong Kong.
As VP of Global Affairs, Homing actively work with organizations and government entities that help HKBAW members grow their business to Hong Kong and China, as well as making the right introductions to help SMEs and corporations alike for their business needs. Want to learn more about what HKBAW, HKTDC, and HKTB can do for you? Get in touch with Homing at homingtam@hkaw.org
About Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)Hong_Kong_Trade_Development_Council_Logo
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) responses to latest global and regional economic developments and policies to help Hong Kong SMEs capture new opportunities. With China’s Belt and Road Initiative presenting tremendous potential in new markets, the HKTDC provides Belt and Road related market intelligence and creates business platforms to help Hong Kong businesses navigate a world of new opportunities through Hong Kong.
AbouHong Kong Tourism Board Logo (PRNewsFoto/Hong Kong Tourism Board)t Hong Kong Tourism Board
The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is a government-subvented body tasked to market and promote Hong Kong as a travel destination worldwide and to enhance visitors’ experience once they arrive.
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