HELLO Seahawks fans – The 12s – are unstoppable!!!
The Seattle Seahawks will throw for more than just passing yards this football season. They’ll also throw for SkyMiles with the launch of Delta Air Lines’ 12status, a fan engagement program for Seahawks fans in Washington state to earn miles, merchandise and exclusive perks.
12status is the airline’s first program that allows sports fans to earn miles for Award Travel simply for being a fan. Fans can sign up for 12status at www.seahawks.com/12status to automatically receive miles for on-and off-the-field activities, including:
 Earn one (1) mile for every passing yard thrown at home games at CenturyLink Field
 Earn 500 bonus miles for every 12,000 signups into the program
 Earn 1,200 miles just for signing up for a new SkyMiles account through this program
 Receive priority boarding at Sea-Tac on ALL Delta flights during football season (Sept. 9 – Feb.5)
 Receive exclusive merchandise as a 12status member when traveling through Sea-Tac during away games
 Protect your beer with a beer poncho, available exclusively for 12status members at CenturyLink Field this December
 Have the chance to be upgraded with tickets to Seahawks home games in the Delta Sky360° Club
 Have a bust of yourself created and featured in the 12status Hall of Fame
HOW CAN I PROVE THAT I AM A 12STATUS MEMBER? 12status members can download a 12status badge to their iPhone or save to their camera roll on an Android to show their 12status membership for priority boarding at Sea-Tac, to pick up their exclusive merchandise and more.
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Seahawks 12Status Promotion