Greetings from your VP of Global Affairs, Homing Tam:

Greetings friends and members of HKBAW,

It is my honor to welcome you to our June newsletter. As VP of Global Affairs, I am excited to share with you our upcoming programs in the second half of 2017: a celebration of Hong Kong, Members Summer Picnic, an international business delegation, along with our biggest annual gathering in Hong Kong where our event have participation from 30 countries globally.
Our team’s business is to build around the needs of yours, whether it is providing opportunity to young professionals, helping you grow your business network, or by bridging trans-pacific partnerships between Seattle, Hong Kong and China… we are here to help.

We look forward to connect you from Seattle, to Hong Kong and China.

– Homing Tam
Vice President-Global Affairs

Featured Business Person

HKBAW interview a business person bi-monthly, want to become one of them? Let us know!

Some 40 years ago, Mr Benjamin Lee chose to move to the United States, like everyone else.. Benjamin and his family wanted to have a better life in America. Once he came to the U.S., He noticed that the local Americans’ unfamiliarity on Chinese cultures, arts and the language, while Chinese Americans lacked knowledge and connection to the mainstream society. He thought to himself, “I wish I can be involved and connect the mainstream society to our community.”
With that thought in mind, Mr Lee went ahead, and visited the many organizations in the Seattle area, fostering personal connections while uniting the communities in the Greater Seattle area. It doesn’t matter if you were Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese or any race, all he wanted was to see what you had trouble with and how he can be of help. Benjamin’s goal was simple: To be multicultural.
Since 1980 Mr Lee, with his entrepreneurial spirit, ran many successful businesses in different industries. However, his favorite was to devoting his time to the non-profit organizations of the Greater Seattle community… Fast forward to 2009, Benjamin realized an opportunity to help more organizations, and he helped founding the Hong Kong Association of Washington (HKAW) Foundation, where its mission is to engages in events that support the advancement of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the fields of Education, Health, Science, Athletic, and Human Services.
Since its inception, HKAW Foundation have supported 10 major groups through its annual Lunar New Year Gala, the largest gala celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year in the US. The most well known partners includes: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), 2008; Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), 2009; Seattle Symphony, 2010;
Seattle Chinese Garden, 2011; Washington Initiative for Supported Employment, 2012;
Bruce Lee Action Museum, 2013; Seattle Children’s, 2014; Center for Children & Youth Justice (CCYJ), 2015; Bellevue LifeSpring, 2016; and University of Washington Medicine – Asian Health Initiative (AHI), 2017. And in the upcoming year, 2018, the HKAW Foundation will support ArtsFund, of which will help showcasing more Asian performance in front of the Seattle public.
For the past 10 years, as the Chairman of HKBAW, Mr Lee had built many connections and partnerships across the states. “In the USA, we have found the National US Hong Kong Business Association, where we now have 12 partner chapters and over 11,000 members.” These 12 association chapters are spread across the US, and uncover new business opportunities and partnership between US, Hong Kong and China.
Every year, Mr Lee attends an annual National Caucus meeting in US, debriefing the latest happenings in Hong Kong, while getting a chance to reconnect with the other 11 chapters on the newest development across the country. On a global scale, the National US Hong Kong Business Association (NUSHKBA), is also a part of the Federation of Hong Kong Associations Worldwide, of which have a membership of 120,000, and 41 Member Associations across 29 countries. And the annual Hong Kong Forum, brings in the top 400 business partners across the globe to meet in Hong Kong every Winter.
Looking back for all these accomplishments, Mr Lee is grateful to have had the partners to help him achieve many of his goal every year. His mantra is to “give it your all and do your best”. He is thankful to everyone who supported him and encourages him to participate in these wonderful projects throughout the years. “Life is full of challenges, I learned from mistakes.. We all have to find a way to face our problems, overcome it and move on. Looking back, I don’t have many regrets, and I don’t give up easily.” In the future, he will keep serving with Asian communities, and he hopes the Asian community will become part of the mainstream society one day.

Thoughts from conversation with Benjamin Lee
“Benjamin has deep cultural knowledge of the past and also has a clear plan on the future. At the end of every year, he reflects on what is completed, incomplete, a challenge, and an improvement.  ‘As a fresh graduate, set a goal every year and try your best to achieve it’ said Mr. Lee. ‘No matter the result, at least you’ve tried'”
– Sabrina Jiang, Program-Planning Assistant

News in Asia

Huawei will leapfrog Apple and HP to lead the PC market in five years


Huawei will become the top personal computer maker in the world in three to five years, leapfrogging the likes of Apple. Lenovo, and HP, a top executive at the firm told CNBC on Wednesday, just days after launching new notebook devices.


Alibaba wants to be more than the Amazon of China


In a speech to investors this week, Ma set the goal for Alibaba: to become the fifth-largest “economy” in the world by 2036 by serving 2 billion consumers around the world.
By Yahoo Finance

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If you are interested to become a speaker or one of the mentors, please email and let us know by August 31!!

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Launch date: Late September 2017

Notes from HKBAW Operation Committee

This edition have been brought to you by our volunteers of the Operations Committee. Since the team’s inception in 2009, our team have hosted 60k+ attendees, ranging from panel discussion, professional development programs, to international trade roundtables. But all of this was made possible because of the work of 600+ volunteers we have had across the years.

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