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Happy August!

HKBAW helps members grow and stay connected with communities. We create events to develop business opportunities and build networks in order to connect with business leaders and members locally and internationally . We also hosts charity events to give back and support the Chinese American community. Please join us and support our annual Chinese New Year Gala and other events,

Thank you!
– Konnie Kong
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Upcoming Events

Did you know Hong Kong Forum is just around the corner? We have discounts from our airline partners, Delta Air Lines, and hotel partners in Hong Kong, Regal Hotels International.

Key Highlights:
05-06 December Hong Kong Forum
06-08 December Expo – Smart Business Expo : SME and startup

To see more details:
Discounts from our partners forthcoming!

Past Events

Paella Party:

Thank you everyone for coming to the paella party and supporting our 2017 Chinese New Year Gala! We had a wonderful party with Antonio’s famous paella at Renee and Carl Behnke’s residence. We look forward to see you again during the 2018 Chinese New Year Gala benefiting the Arts Fund on Feb 24, 2018!

To see photos from this event click here.

National US Hong Kong Business Association Caucus on June 23 2017:

Officials and representatives from Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, Hong Kong Trade Development Office and Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide presented, along with 7 of the member chapters across the Nation attended.

Key highlights from the office of Hong Kong Trade Development Office:

*For more than two decades, Hong Kong has been rated the worlds’ freest economy by the US-based Heritage Foundation and the Fraser Institute in Canada.
*Hong Kong’s reputation as a global trade, logistics and information hub, and also act as a “super-connector” between Mainland China and the rest of the world.
*Key player of China’s latest “Belt and Road initiative” which covers more than 60 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

*Hong Kong is ranked among the top five fastest-growing start-up ecosystems in the world. Example: Lok Ma Chau Group Innovative center – attract startups from both China and Hong Kong, foster growth.
Recent and upcoming NUSHKBA and association happenings:

*Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s 20th Anniversary – Nation wide!!!
*Hong Kong Assoc of Northern California: 22 JUN 2017: Luncheon Program on “Smart Innovations for a Smart City
*Nationwide Monthly Briefings – Coming SEP 2017 Members only (Geared for Young Professionals!)

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News in Asia

A total solar eclipse was on Aug. 21th in the morning. Did you see eclipse of the sun in Washington State? READ MORE about the solar eclipse!

The Chinese Great Wall motors recently considered making a bid to buy the iconic American brand, Jeep, from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and getting one step closer onto the global market. READ MORE

Ofo, known as the largest station-less bike share company in China, has announced its first step into the US market here in Seattle. The company was funded by Alibaba to expand its operation worldwide. READ MORE

Attention to professionals!

HKBAW need your professional skills and guidance! Let us know if you are interested!

Fall 2017 – HKBAW Mentorship Program is Back!

We would like to invite professional recruiters in different fields and areas, to give back to the community, mentor students and young professionals, and provide career advice as a local business leader! It is a great opportunity for students and young professionals to connect and seek jobs or internships.

Become a speaker or one of the mentors with us! please email us before August 31!

Please send us your brief bios to

Launch date: Late October 2017

Experience from HKBAW Operation Committee

I am currently working at the Hong Kong Business Association of Washington (HKBAW) as a graphic design specialist and marketing assistant. I joined HKBAW because I enjoy working with people from different cultural background, and I believe HKBAW can provide such diversified network and opportunities.
— -Agnes Tai

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