The Hong Kong – Greater China Business Association of Washington (HKBAW) cordially invite you to be our member, a part of a global network and referral source for your business. The networking that our members enjoy with the local business leaders and professionals is only the start of their membership benefit. Our resources at the national level, with the National US Hong Kong Business Association, put you in touch with like minded individuals and businesses nationwide for expanded opportunities and collaboration. HKBAW members are also members of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide, which put a global network at your fingertip, whether you are looking to source aboard, or expand your sales territory, at no additional cost.
With the increasing importance of China, these is no better time to look East for your business; There are little questions that the next ten years will be the best time for the two countries to be doing business together for mutual gain; With the right place and the right time, let us show you the right person that can propel your business to the next level.

Item Student
Student Professional
Professional SME Business Corporate
Newsletter Access X X X X X X X
See Job Posting X X X X X X X
Entry in HKAW Business Directory X X X X X
Access to HKAW Business Directory X X X X X
Directory to Federation of Hong Kong Association Worldwide X X X X X
Free Access to HKTDC Trade Fairs X X X X X
Special Rate at Partners X X X X X
Exclusive invitation to the Hong Kong Forum X X X X X
Discount to HKAW events X X X X X
Discount to Other Chapters of NUSHKBA events X X X X X
Discount on Market Research Materials X X X X X
Discount on Business Matching Service X X X X X
Discount on purchase in HKTDC Design Gallery X X X X X
Event Sponsorship Opportunities X X X X
Sponsor to HKAW Social Media Platforms X X X
Early Bird Access to Limited Seating Events X X
Printed Company Logo for HKBAW Events X
Company Brief on HKBAW Website X X
Podium Recognition at all HKBAW Event X
Marketing Booth Possibilities at HKBAW Events 10% discount 15% discount Yes
Presentation Opportunity at HKAW Events 10% discount 15% discount Yes
Complimentary Ad Space @ Annual Gala X
Job Board Postings Discounted Pricing 1/Month 1/Month 2/Month
Newsletter Announcement Discounted Pricing Discounted Pricing Discounted Pricing 1/Year 3/Year
Newsletter Company Highlight Logo display 1 HKAW Spotlight and 2 Logo Display
Annual Backdrop Logo Display 10% discount 10% discount 1 included
Sponsored Company Logo on HKBAW website 1 year 1 year
Web banner on Website 10% discount 1 year
# of Professional Memberships 0 1 1 2 10
Membership Fee $0 $25 $0 $100 $250 $500 $2,000