Operations Committee Highlights

“I joined and participated at HKAW because it was a natural transition for me as the President of Hong Kong Student Association. The most important initiative I had was to help students bridge the gaps between college and real world. I started researching professional organizations around Seattle and it was a no brainer to me that HKAW would be the most suitable bridge. After my presidency, I volunteered at HKAW as the assistant event manager during my senior year. I learnt tremendously from everyone at the organization and Homing in particular on teamwork, budget planning, event coordination, negotiation, and effective networking. All these skill sets has made me better equipped for the real world. I am thankful for everyone at HKAW and Homing for all the amazing experience that shaped me to who I am today.”
— Assistant Event Planning Manager @HKAW: 2009-2010
Elaine Ng, Vice President at Goldman Sachs Asset Management
#78 on the 2017 Fortune 500

“First stepping into Seattle could be disorienting, with all there is to know and learn. HKAW is designed to provide the community, and opportunities, that take your education to the next level. Through HKAW, I have gained valuable mentorship, earned work experience, and most of all – fostered strong bonds that continued long after graduation. The successes that I enjoy today at Tesla and beyond would not be possible without those I’ve met and learned from through HKAW. I would highly encourage you to give this group a try too.”
— Former Information System Specialist @HKAW: 2009-2013
Derek Leung, Remarketing Specialist at Tesla Motors
#383 on the 2017 Fortune 500

“As a UW student in her third year of university, I was looking for an organization to join where I could exercise and grow my professional skills. Though there are many options on campus, I selected to join HKAW because of their involvement and passion for the Asian American community. The majority of their members were active business professionals which served as a great resource for me as a student – I was able to find mentorship in addition to acquiring a variety of skills that I found useful later in my career. Soon after joining as a student member, I participated further by joining a leadership position as Event Planning Coordinator. Not only did HKAW serve as a resource for my future, it also gave me a platform in which I could exercise skills in real life scenarios.”
— Former Event Planning Coordinator @HKAW: 2010-2011
Winnie Cheung, Sr Technical Recruiter at Robert Half International
#493 on the 2017 Fortune 500

“I joined HKAW because a friend told me that a graphic designer was needed to help with the visual communication side of things. At first I didn’t know what I was getting in to, but after hearing about what the organization was all about, I decided that it might be a good idea for myself to learn a few things as well by working with a team. Our team worked on projects such as hosting events and galas, while developing marketing strategies in terms on how to appeal to students and companies to work with each other. It was a good opportunity to work with everyone with different background and majors, meeting new people and helping students to further their careers after they finish with school.”
— Former Graphic Designer @HKAW: 2012-2013
Jansen Cheung, Member at Cathay Pacific Airways

“I joined HKAW as an intern back in 2013 through HuskyJobs @ UW. Homing was in charge of the recruitment process did an amazing job hiring and developing talents within HKAW. HKAW offers many programs and initiatives that local organizations and students can join and gain from. One of my favorite activities was resume workshop – where mentors, including Homing, dedicated a full afternoon on helping out college students on writing their resumes. I highly recommend this organization if you’re looking into a non-profit organization you want to contribute your time and dedication in.”
— Former Human Resource Intern @HKAW: 2013
Jay Jimin Hong, Recruiter at Amazon.com
#12 on the 2017 Fortune 500

Hong Kong Association of Washington is a place where students gain exposure to the professional world. As a student at UW 4 years ago, I was looking for opportunities to connect with people outside of school and get involved in the community. I chose to join HKAW over other organizations because it had a clear mission to support and serve the local communities and it was lead by the professionals. Its well-known fund raising Lunar New Year Gala event was a spectacle and benefited many charities – I was proud to be part of it. During my time in HKAW, I had the chance to enhance my leadership and communication skills through valuable mentorship.
— Former Human Resource Specialist @HKAW: 2012-2013
Lavina Tang, Graduate Student at The University of Connecticut School of Business

I joined HKAW since 2012 as Operation Committee as a Marketing Assistant. The reason for me to join the organization is because I wanted to step outside of my social network to meet more people and learn something new. I heard of HKAW from a friend who was their HR Coordinator. He wanted to partner with the association group that I lead and together, we created a collaborating event at Bellevue Community College. Our event was successful and recruited over 30 attendees as a non-campus led event. I was amazed by the network and professional work from HKAW because most of the teammates were only junior/senior students from other colleges.
It is a great experience that I was able to step out of my comfort zone in HKAW and become polished as a young professional. I believe that everyone is capable to do what they want, but just needed guidance and a platform for them to practice and learn from experience. HKAW is that great platform to me, where I was connected with resources and network, and where everyone are given a chance to develop and showcase themselves. I feel like I am just growing along with HKAW!!
— Current Senior Marketing Coordinator @HKAW: 2012-
Zeta Chik, at HSBC Holdings
#88 on the 2017 Fortune 500

Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Shanghai… being between two cultures is quite an experience for me. It happened numerous times that I stuttered since I could not differentiate two distinct dialect and got mocked by classmates and people around me during my childhood. My life here in the states started six years ago, and after five high schools and colleges from Maine, Massachusetts, to Pennsylvania, I end up here in Seattle.
To be honest, studying abroad is never easy, especially when you eagerly tried to find your root and where you belong along the way. It was quite a coincidence to learn about HKAW before the Spring Festival Gala, that the organization is recruiting volunteers to help with the event and provide us real world opportunities to join the team after. And here I am, working as an outreach marketing assistant in HKAW. It was a big family, where all team members can speak freely, and use whatever language we feel like in this group, no matter it is Shanghainese-styled Cantonese, or English-that we still have Chinese accent of. It is a place where I can share my ideas and got respected on diligent work, and most importantly, a belonging that I was always looking for. Thanks for the team, Cynthia and Homing, providing me the opportunity to stay connected to Hong Kong and mainland China, and strive to be a better person.
— Current Marketing Assistant @HKAW: 2017
Yifan (Owen) Wong, Seattle University Senior